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Hello November Date: Nov 1st @ 11:06am EDT
Hello , new month just begun .I wish to be a good one for all of us. And because me i am the kind of person who work better on short period targets, i had fixed for my self some targets for those first 10 days of November .
And my targets are..:
1. Reaching 400 people who will add me in them favorites lists and notifications ( 274 right now )
2. Being fallowed by 50 persons on my Twitter @KarinaDeLux ( 11 right now)
3. Touching "High Demand " credit level (49.184 credits left )
4. Meet some good quality people and make some friends
5. Laugh till my checks will hurt . Coz " if you cant make her laugh , how can you expect make her cum " . right ??

So will help me reaching my goals ??

OHH .. I forgot!

We will also have some rewards too ;)

And here they are

1. For the first 3 most active of you, one month free FanClub memberships
2. 10 FREE MIN PVT for the 3th best tipper
3. 20 FREE MIN PVT for the 2nd best tipper
4 30 FREE MIN PVT for the 1ST best tipper
And of course free FanClub memberships for 1st , 2nd and 3th best tippers

Let's do it guys . Lets have a colorful and blessing November !!
Here to stay !! Date: Oct 25th @ 8:49am EDT
Hello guys this is my very first blog ever in my life ! I am here since less then one month . I have to admit it was not easy being new in this place , and at one point i though i will quite even if i liked this place from the very first day but i did not new if on the other side of the screen people were pleasant to see and welcome me here . So , as a new entry model i created that " tip target " challenge :) .
WEll .. i dont know if because new or just because this is how it is but i may say ...that you don't feel that charity :)) .
That's ok guys , we will get to know each other better and things will be easier . Anyway in the time i did such a good job and i improved my performance here . So at this very moment i am just 7.995 credits away of "First Base ". I am so happy for that.
Looks like i am here to stay :)
I like this place a lot it is a nice atmosphere ( even if many of you are so reticent on talking with me ... it is ok guys i am not biting you . Imagine that for me is even more strange . I dont see you on the other side , all i have are just few nicknames on my wall who stay there (and it make me wandering if the people behind them are appreciating or criticizing me) But i am just like you , here to meet new people , try new things , discover new experiences , finding myself and set me free
Kiss you all , see you soon !!